Now just $60 for full control of your PlayStation 3 with the highly regarded and easy to use ps3toothfairy.

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– Full PS3 remote compatibility for your Harmony or other universal infrared (IR) remote

Maps all PS3 keys (see Key Map) to the Sony PS3 infrared (IR) codes.

Most of your universal remotes will be ready to go with the ps3toothfairy.

Can issue all combo keys supported by the PS3 bluetooth protocol.

– Power Off Macro

The included power-off macro will power down your PS3 automatically. The macro is fully configurable and you can even program your own.

– Discrete Power

Enable the ps3toothfairy to execute the power off sequence on your PS3 – Responds to the Sony discrete power off. Easily configurable for a 6 key, 3 key, no sequence, or a custom sequence.

– Power Tracking

Configure the ps3toothfairy can track the power status of the PS3 console – It won’t respond to commands unless it knows the PS3 is on. Eliminate the “accidental” power on.

– Flexible power supply options

Miniature, outlet saving 110-240V wall pack

USB-A to polarized power cable


Your own cable, the ps3toothfairy has a 2.1mm polarized input and works from 3.3-12VDC.

– Extremely simple configuration

In most cases you can just pair the ps3toothfairy with your PS3 and start using it.

A printed manual is included with each device (also available online) that takes you through the setup in just minutes.

There is even a quick start section for Harmony users.

– User configurable from your IR Remote

Just put the ps3toothfairy into programming mode and configure the device.

When you are done, the settings are saved. You can always restore the factory default if you run into problems.

– Plasma safe, high sensitivity IR receiver

– Dimmable front panel LED

– Programmable device address

Allows the use of multiple devices within the same room or IR bus.

Alternatively you can still use your PS2 in the same room without conflict.

– Compatible with the Logitech Harmony, JP1 Remotes, and PS2 remotes

See the key map to see how the special PS3 only keys are handled.

– Wired IR input

Using a standard 1/8″ plug allows you to interface this device with Xantech and other compatible systems.

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The ps3toothfairy is compatible with systems from 4-12V. Assigning unique addresses allows you to use multiple ps3toothfairy devices on the same IR bus.

– Space friendly

The ps3toothfairy is just 3.6×2.6×1.1 inches (92x66x28 mm).

It is the same size and a little thicker than a deck of playing cards.

The wall transformer is the offset type so as not to block another outlet and it weighs just 2oz (58g).

– Pre/Post Sale Customer Support

Email us anytime, get a response within hours.

Order Now, Take a look Under the Hood. See the complete list of Features and the FAQ.

Or view/download the ps3toothfairy User Manual.

The ps3toothfairy gives your Harmony / universal remote full remote control of your Playstation 3.

With the ps3toothfairy, your infrared (IR) remote provides all 51 buttons of the PS3 Bluetooth control and provides power on and off.

Easy to setup; Configure your Logitech Harmony or other infrared remote for a Playstation 2 then pair your ps3toothfairy with the PS3.

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